Hott City! - If All We're Gonna Do Is Dance (Mr. PC Edit)

from RSDD003 // Social Distance Edits by Mr. PC aka Peter Croce



Hello Records is one of my favorite record stores in the world. There's a DJ who works there named Geoffrey LaRue, who is one of the most fabulous and carefree disco DJs I've ever heard. When I was at Hello digging one day he put this original record in my hand and said, "You'll like this, it's local." I recognized the first track "Feelin' Love" from some Italo mixes, and I started needle dropping the rest. I was blown away with the musicianship on all of the cuts, but couldn't stand the singing. So I bought it to re-edit.

I brought it up and realized it was quite a bit crunchier and nasty sounding than I realized. I went to Discogs to try to find another copy, but there were none stateside for a reasonable price. So I kept trying to fix my rip in iZotope RX to no avail. I ended up using the wood glue method to clean the record because I figured I couldn't make it sound any worse. Much to my delight it worked quite well!

This one is quite a rearrangement of the original, chopping out all of her vocals (other than tiny little cameo of her breathing). I'm really really happy with how this one turned out.


from RSDD003 // Social Distance Edits, released March 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Rocksteady Disco Detroit, Michigan

Take a vacation to the now.

est. 2014 Detroit by Peter Croce and Moonlighter

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