Hott City! - I Took His Money (Mr. PC Edit feat. Daniel Meinecke)

from RSDD003 // Social Distance Edits by Mr. PC aka Peter Croce



Hello Records is one of my favorite record stores in the world. There's a DJ who works there named Geoffrey LaRue, who is one of the most fabulous and carefree disco DJs I've ever heard. When I was at Hello digging one day he put this original record in my hand and said, "You'll like this, it's local." I recognized the first track "Feelin' Love" from some Italo mixes, and I started needle dropping the rest. I was blown away with the musicianship on all of the cuts, but couldn't stand the singing. So I bought it to re-edit.

I brought it up and realized it was quite a bit crunchier and nasty sounding than I realized. I went to Discogs to try to find another copy, but there were none stateside for a reasonable price. So I kept trying to fix my rip in iZotope RX to no avail. I ended up using the wood glue method to clean the record because I figured I couldn't make it sound any worse. Much to my delight it worked quite well!

After I did the edit of this one I realized that it was just a little too loopy and repetitive. So I called up my good friend Daniel Meinecke in New Orleans (originally from Detroit) to shred his Mini Moog over it. He crushed it and gave the track the final bit of life it needed.


from RSDD003 // Social Distance Edits, released March 20, 2020
Mini Moog solo by Daniel Meinecke


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Rocksteady Disco Detroit, Michigan

Take a vacation to the now.

est. 2014 Detroit by Peter Croce and Moonlighter

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